Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mother Nature's Masterpiece

I sat outside the other night and took in the beautiful sunset. The sky was a soft airbrushed blue with billowy white pillows mixed with white brush strokes. A pale orange and strikingly bold pink began to fill the sky. I watched as the clouds began to change from vivid white to a dusty orange mauve. The trees that were once green began to turn into shadows against the eye popping sky. This in itself was a sight to behold but eyes were not focused as much on this beautiful masterpiece of colors. My eyes were drawn to the imperfections that occurred. The billowy clouds filled the sky but there was a flaw right in the middle. It looked like an artist had tried to erase the colors in the midst of his piece. The perfectly made clouds began to fuzz in the middle and the color began to blur into a shaded jumble. I sat in awe on my deck as I took in this gift. Yet another one of Mother Nature's Masterpieces.


  1. I believe you've already shown us the picture! I like the part where you speculated about the artist erasing the colors.

  2. It is admirable how you describe the sky - all the different colors, the changes and the flaw. Beautiful sky - beautiful writing.