Tuesday, July 26, 2011


photo   © 2008   Adam Pieniazek , Flickr
Brown towers littered with black graffiti surround me. Like Rapunzel, I am waiting for my prince to rescue me...what's taking him so long?

My eyes search around for that one person who can save me from this horrid tower. My eyes settle on two slate colored eyes peering from behind a blue mound. Could that be him?

"Mama, can I take my ribbit on the airplane? And my bink?", says a dwarf like being.

"Yes sweetheart, but right now we need to pack your toys for Grandpa to bring to WA.", I state in a weary voice.

My daydreams have been interrupted. I feel more like Cinderella...or maybe Boxerella is more appropriate. Broken down cardboard begs to be assembled and toys are vying for their sports in the minimal travel compartments.

Who would have thought that packing the necessities would be so difficult?  So many choices. Yes, the rest of our stuff will arrive in about 5 months, but that's a long time.

Time to get back to the hundreds of books anxious to find their place in a classroom full of eager readers...and a cardboard house that will deliver them to their destination. Back...hang in there, hands...get to work, mind....focus on the task at hand. The end is near.


  1. What a beginning! Pulled me right in. Good luck with the packing.

  2. What a monumental job that lies ahead of you! You write with such wit (why can't I ever think like this?) Love that dwarf like being!
    You've left me wanting to know more details. Where are you moving to? Why will it take 5 months to get your stuff?

  3. I'm with Elsie, I'm so curious too. I send my best wishes for a monumental challenge, although I don't know what you're doing, exactly. Your voice in all your stories is always intriguing, like the Cinderella/Boxerella line, and the dwarf-like being. I see that you have multi-tasking in your mind this time. Again, best of luck!

  4. Thank you ladies for the encouraging words. Long story short....my husband is in the military and won't get his official transfer orders for a few more months which means they won't move our stuff. Therefore, the boys and I are heading to his destination early (as not to disturb the school year) with the necessary living tools. Not ideal, but it's workable. The rest of our stuff will be with my husband until his orders come and then they'll be packed and delivered to our door.

  5. You create vivid images, Elizabeth - 'graffiti,' 'slate coloured eyes,' 'Boxerella,' - lovely images. Your writing reminds me to avoid giving the reader everything, as I enjoyed trying to figure out what this piece was going to be about in the first bit.

  6. I agree with the comments above. Elizabeth, your voice and style is so unique. I'm intrigued and want to read more every time. Hope your move goes smoothly. Thanks for sharing. :)Mary Helen

  7. --a bit of escape during a stupendous endeavor!--good for you! Good luck to you in your new place.

  8. I love the feeling of play and tired in this story. I felt both excitement and dread for your exhausting job. I hope it passing quickly, and you soon find yourself "at home" complete with your task done.