Tuesday, July 12, 2011


What do you think about when I say apple? Do you think of the juicy, crisp, ruby red fruit tumbling from the tree? Or maybe Gwyneth Patrow's daughter's unique name? Or possibly the huge conglomerate that starts their most popular products with a lower case i?

Today I'm thinking about the company who makes the ever popular Mac and i products. iPods and iPads have been super popular in our home this past year. We've also had some interesting adventures that revolved around them...let me start.

Less then a year ago, I eagerly awaited my iPad. I couldn't wait to run my finger across the screen and tap my way into interesting sights while in the comfort of my chair. When it finally arrived, I quickly ran upstairs to plug it into our PC so I could get started. I tapped, flicked, and slid my way across the screen like an experienced figure skater on fresh ice. I bookmarked, loaded music and apps, pictures and email addresses. I could have spent hours playing with my new toy but my body had other plans. I gently placed the new extension of myself on the chair and hustled to use the little girls room. When I returned, I discovered my little man curled up with the silver computer nestled on his knees. My two-year-old was flicking his way through Angry Birds and tapping from one educational app to the next. I stood there mesmerized at the intuition my little guy had. I couldn't help but think about how exciting technology can be in little hands and the possibilities in the future of education.

Fast forward a few months later....I was coming home after another rejuvenating church service and ran upstairs to change. After getting comfy in my ever-so-soft sweats, I settled into my hair and picked up my iPad. What in the world is that? My computer was covered in smears and fingerprints. I gently wiped off the screen and looked again. Is that a scratch on my screen? I rubbed a little more stringently only to find the line still there. I gently ran my finger across the line in hopes that it just needed a little of my oils to move on. NO! There is a HUGE crack across my screen. What in the world happened? My husband ventured down the stairs to find my in complete confusion. What happened to my computer? He looked puzzled and called J down from upstairs.

"Do you know what happened to mommy's computer"

"Yeah, I stomped on it! Like this.", said that little voice as he crushed everything under his stump like limbs.

My face was in complete shock as I looked from him to my computer. "Why?"

"I don't know. I just stomped on it."

I took a deep breathe, realizing that I couldn't change the situation, and explained how that wasn't nice and should never happen again. I curled back up into the chair, tears beginning to rim my eyes as I began to read my mail around the new cracked screen.

Fast forward to yesterday....I have lived with my cracked screen. It isn't pretty but it's workable. I've called the Apple helpline only to find out that fixing the screen would cost $300+. I just can't do that...I could buy a new one for almost that price. My son's iPod Touch had a funky screen and we were asked to bring it to the closest Apple store to see what they could do to fix it. Maybe this would be my chance.

The boys and I loaded into the car and were ready to drive into Maine to get his iPod fixed. I threw my iPad in, just to see if the pricing on the screen had changed. T anxiously bounced in the backseat, eager to have his fingertips sliding across the screen. Our appointment was before the large stores opened in the mall so we worked our way to a side entrance and quickly found the store. The gentleman ran some tests on T's iPod and came back with a new one. Tyler's eyes grew the size of saucers as he looked at the smudge proof screen. He couldn't wait to get home to reload all his games and music. I gently slid my iPad across the table to see if he could perform a miracle on my tool as well. We talked about the joys of having rambunctious boys and how phone customer service can be frustrating. He disappeared into the back of the store and returned with a smirk on his face.

SkinsRit product on Etsy
 "We can replace your iPad as a one time service. Can you re-sync your iPad and return it in the next 7 days?"

Are you kidding me? Um, let me see...YES!!! I thanked the man profusely and quickly rushed home to prepare for a crackless screen. I feel like T yesterday, eager to get back to the store to get my toy fixed. Thank you Apple for being so willing to please your customers...I'm a very happy camper.


  1. Yeah for customer service! You proved the adage "if you don't ask, you won't know". You were so smart to bring that ipad. Enjoy your crackless screen.

  2. I am so happy you had a wonderful experience there! I worked there and most likely knew your technicians. As I was reading the first of your post I was thinking, oh, she should bring it to the store in Maine, she should bring it to the Mall! And then you said you were going to Maine and I thought, YES! It will be done! We have the best staff there in the world. I only stopped after working 2 years there at the same time I was teaching. It was not easy working about 35 min. away after teaching school, but it was so much fun and so exciting that it was worth it.

  3. Hurrah-it's wonderful that you got your wish, and a fix for that disaster. Nice positive experience from Apple. You should send the store to them; they'd probably appreciate it!

  4. I love apple! It is good to know they have great service like that!

  5. What beautiful words to describe how we use this Apple technology:
    "I tapped, flicked, and slid my way across the screen like an experienced figure skater on fresh ice."
    You captured it perfectly!