Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 year-old thoughts

Summer is here and life has gotten crazy. I should restate that...life is always crazy, it's just picked up a notch. T is out of school, both boys are taking swim lessons, T is playing soccer, and we're moving in a month so I'm trying to pack as well. Absolute craziness but the kids don't seem to mind. Their imaginations are still working over time and they are still taking the time to observe the smaller things in life.

Bang! Crash! Crunch! Rattle, Rattle! The dump trucks and front loaders do not understand that it's summer and that I have a sleep past 6:30 policy. They barrel down our road  before 7:00 without the courtesy of waiting or being quiet. This annoys me but delights my little men. I hear their scampering feet running to the closest window as they ooh and aah over the construction trucks. They comment about the moving arms, heavy loads, and dumping capabilities. I have to giggle as I stretch my tired limbs...life with little boys.

I tip-toe into the playroom to watch my boys in action. J turned around and ran to give me a hug. I scooped him into my arms while his little limps wrap around me and asked what they were looking at.

"They're building my home.", he stated with big bright eyes.

 "You're right, they are building someone a home. They're working fast huh?", I replied.

"No Mama, they are building MY home. T is going to live over there (he points to the empty lot next to the building site)."

 "Oh, that sounds like fun.", I replied. "What are you going to eat and who is going to clean you're dirty pants. Are you going to start going in the potty?", I asked hopefully.

"No, I am going to let you change my pants.", he said with a huge grin.

So much for wishful thinking.

Another J comment: We were rushing out the door to head to the store. I'm trying my best to hustle the children out the door when J freezes next to the plants. I've learned to stop and see what he's looking at when he does this. There is usually a great story behind it. As I got closer, J asked me to look at the purple flowers. I searched for something that could be interesting...a bee, broken branch, weeds. I couldn't find a thing.

"Why is the flower crying mama?", he asked with a whimper.

I looked closer at the plant, I realized that it looked like it has been shaken by a giant. Little purple petals made a halo around the border. It had been crying purple petals on to the ground. The perfect circle was speckled with an assortment of deep purple and gentle lavender. I wouldn't have given it a second thought if my son hadn't brought it to my attention. I'm so thankful they are both home to point out the smaller things in life that I tend to rush past.


  1. Reading your posts always take me back to raising our own two boys. I especially love the second paragraph description of the trucks coming down your road.

    But the last paragraph about the crying plant really got me. Kids always have such a great way of making us slow down and look at things differently.

    Happy Writing

  2. I'm glad you captured these snippets. Little things often speak volumes.

    Life is busy around here too. My husband just said, "It's summer and you're home, but things seem even busier!" Exactly...it's a good thing we are home in the summer, right? :)

    Have a great day,

  3. And I don't have children at home, & it's still so busy. Maybe it's the long days we want to fill? Your writing of those small things is always so pleasing. Waking up to the rumbling of trucks and loving it tells the tale. And the words about the flower crying--wonderful. Maybe the young children can teach us about poetry?

  4. Life moves at amazing speed, thankfully you've caught some special moments. Love these slices. Where are you moving?

  5. Elsie,
    We moved to NH last summer from WA for my husband's job. We'll be heading back to WA in a month. Closer to family and my teaching. I'm eager to get back but will miss the east coast. I just love it out here.

  6. I love that "why is the flower crying mama" sounds like the great start to a story for children!

  7. There are so many things to love with this post. I enjoyed the different perspectives about the way-too-early arrival of the construction trucks. I love how you know to wait, see and enjoy what your sons notice. Good luck with your move!

  8. I love how you combine snippets of the world through your sons' eyes and your own. What part of Washington will you be moving to?

  9. Even when life is crazy busy you find time to slow down for a moment , listen and observe together with your sons, and then write. I am always impressed with your word choice. It makes your writing so alive. I loved how you described the morning hug.

  10. It is always fun to get a peek into your world! I love that you take the time to try to see through your son's eyes when he notices something.

  11. I so envy your having written so much of these early years down. I started, but it was pre-blogging, and really pretty much pre-computer. I know it wasn't pre-pencil and paper, but I didn't carry it through and missed most of it. I wish my memory served me better! I love your posts. Thanks for taking me back to the days I SHOULD HAVE written about! Keep it up!

  12. Onesunflower, we'll be heading back to the kitsap peninsula. I'm looking forward to my daily drives with Rainier in the background. So amazing! I will miss the east coast though...especially the vivid colors in fall.