Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White fluffs

My floor is scattered with these white fluffs. It looks like my children have been shredding cotton balls and leaving a trail like Hansel and Gretal. I gently cup my hand and begin to gather up these "crumbs" that litter my floor. My hand quickly filled with the stuffing's of an incredibly soft fluff. I quickly throw it away and start again. This is a daily occurrence in my life. Why not vacuum you ask? Because I just finished vacuuming moments ago.

As many of you already know, I have a Siberian Husky and it is the time of year when she "blows her coat." It's more of a blizzard then a blow but thankfully it only happens twice a year. I knew what I was getting into when we purchased this breed...however, I was unaware of how many vacuum bags I would go through. We moved to the East Coast this past summer from the Northwest. Sasha (our dog) would shed a few chunks all year round (in the mild rainy weather) and I would complain about the mess. Little did I know that hot humid weather would make her look like a buffalo. These little white tufts that litter my floor are nothing compared to the sheets of fur that can be removed with one gentle tug.

Yesterday was the perfect example of the life of a husky owner. My husband lumbered into the house after a long day of work and stopped at the entry way. "It looks like a bunny blew up in our home!", he exclaimed. I looked around our living room and started to chuckle. White fluffs were everywhere...the Easter bunny would have been nervous. He was right...it was a mess. We both looked at Sasha who had white tufts parachuting out of her coat. As my husband sat down to remove his shoes, he was attacked by the Dust Huskies that scooted out from under the chair. "I swear that I just vacuumed.", I yelled in my defense.

Time to make an appointment with the groomer. I'd have to make sure that they had plenty of garbage can liners for when she arrived. This was a job that I was not volunteering for.


  1. One of the dogs in our history was a sheep dog. . . I commiserate with you. While it was a marvelously sweet dog, the care he took was unbelievable, different from a husky, but it was so much taking care. Good luck on the grooming!

  2. LOL--I have lived through the "blowing of the coat" before. My one requirement with a new dog was that it didn't shed...hence Chloe, a Golden Doodle.

  3. The comment on of it looks like a bunny blew up made me laugh out loud. I hope grooming will help with the constant tufts. Poor puppy having that heavy fur coat when the weather warms up.

  4. I was hooked at the beginning when you compared the white fluff to cotton being dropped by your children like Hansel and Gretal. Who knew it was a dog? When I had a cat in the house, it would have been my cat. Lovely story. I feel for your dog too. I love animals and don't have any at the moments. My husband and I come and go so much and with both of us working all day, I'd feel so sorry for an aninal being by itself. I could also imagine the tufts coming out when you mentioned the buffalo. Thanks for sharing! Happy slicing! :o)

  5. It's fascinating how you have turned this annoying situation from the cleaning perspective to an entertaining text for the reader.

  6. Elizabeth~
    I don't have a husky or even a dog. I have a cat, a Ragdoll cat! She is VERY hairy and is also "BLOWING the coat" much like tundra rolling thru the plains! We took her to the groomer and she was "dismissed for difficult behavior" LOL What do you expect she is a pure bred cat~Queen of the house! (her perspective and the kids, not mine) Anyway, the shedding continues…UGH