Monday, January 30, 2012


Yes, that is my amazing son on the ice.
 My Sunday was spent in a chilly ice rink wrangling boys and girls with sharp skates. My oldest son, 6, had his first hockey tournament. He played on semi-pro ice and got to see a fancy locker room. It was a hockey players dream.  

The time came for my son to hit the ice. He quickly hopped on to the ice and began testing it out. He moved the blades from side to side as he got a feel for the unfamiliar surface under his skates. He twirled from side to side....I won't say that it looked like figure skating moves. And yes, the skates did get away from him a couple of times.

Once the horn blew, the skaters took their places. T crouched down, stick gently grazing the ice, focused look on his face, and body frozen. Tap, tap, tap went the stick. Once the puck was moved, bodies scattered. T stayed back from the pack but made his move when the puck crept closer.

My parents and I watched as he gained momentum and lost it. We giggled at how distractable children are at this age. I watched as one little boy laid on the ice and decided his time was better spent making ice angels in front of the net. Another boy tested out his checking abilities as his opponent took a shoulder. And my son held his stick in one hand while bumping fists with his teammates on the bench after a goal.

The highlight for me was when they turned on the big screen TVs. You know, the jumbo-tron like TVs that hover over the ice. Well, T caught sight of himself while skating around. He stopped mid-stride and was mesmerized that he was on the big screen. He waved teammates over...even the coach. You could read his lips from the stands...LOOK, WE'RE ON THE TV! My dad and I chuckled as the puck nestled itself between T's skates.

"T, GET THE PUCK!", I yelled from the stands.

By coincidence, his eyes traveled to mine. "I'M ON THE BIG TV!"

What can you do? I smiled, giggled, and gave a thumbs up sign. How many times are you going to be distracted by yourself on the big screen TV over hockey player ice? A once in a lifetime distractions.


  1. What a great read before I start my day. I too have a six year old and teach them all day as well, I love this about kids! They can't help themselves :)

  2. I just giggled as I read this. I love it. It took me back to days of t-ball and basketball. There are always things more interesting to do and look at when you aren't directly involved in the game.

  3. Priorities, and being on TV is awesome when you are six, or sixty. It is so fun getting a glimpse into your life with these precious boys.

  4. Wonderful story & experience for you all, but especially T. It would take me away from the game if I was on the Jumbotron! It does remind me of long ago when my son would sit down in the outfield & start playing with the dirt-much for fun than waiting for a ball that never came. I love that T called everyone over to 'see'!

  5. Ahh..I'm having trouble leaving a comment separately...What a great moment to capture through your slice! I can totally imagine your son standing there being mesmerized by himself on the big screen. I used to be a figure skating, so I enjoy reading about stories on the ice! :)
    --jee young

    1. Oops, I figured it out. You can ignore that first sentence!

  6. I love the imagery in your story. I could completely see the ice angel making hockey player as well as perfectly picture your son's amazement at seeing himself on TV. Priceless memory!

  7. I just loved this slice...took me back to when my son started playing soccer. His dad was so excited! My son, not so much! My husband, a big sports nut, could not wait for the big day, he was pumped! My son, he was just excited to wear his cleats & fed off of his dad's excitement. Once out in the field, he was distracted by the "bugs" & did not even notice the ball, much to his dad's dismay! This slice, it made me laugh out loud! I enjoyed it so much! Thanks for bringing me back to that day!!! It has been so long, my son is now 20, it seems like it was a lifetime ago that he played soccer!

  8. I loved that T was able to catch sight of himself on the giant screen - what a moment that was!

  9. I chuckled. The images of the little (don't say this to a 6-year-old) boys on ice were funny. Your son certainly looks great on the picture. I can only imagine what he looked like on the big screen.

  10. What great moment! It reminded me of watching my kids play in the pea gravel during T-ball games. Enjoy every minute of watching your kids in their sports and activities. :)

  11. What a great moment to capture in a slice! I could totally see this--you gave us all the right details.

  12. I'm glad that seeing oneself on tv hasn't become "old fashioned" yet.