Monday, December 12, 2011


photo   © 2007   Incase , Flickr
It was Wednesday night, and I had just gotten home from printing off the last report card. The boys were at a cookie exchange with their grandma and the house was quiet and calm. I don't get many moments where there aren't boys wrestling, cars driving up my legs, or stuffed animals being shoved in my face. For the next 2 hours, before hockey, I was going to relish in the silence.

I should start this story but making a confession...I have NO willpower when it comes to Red Vine Licorice. Some people have a chocolate weakness but mine comes in red strips...either ribbed or smooth. My TMJ doesn't care for them but it's worth the uncomfort just to down a few as a snack every now and then. Today was no different then any other day. I tiptoed into the kitchen like I normally do, eased open the cabinets, and stealthily took out the bag (no tub this time), I had purchased the multi pack that had the ribbed vines and the smooth ropes. I selfishly grabbed 4 and went to settle in on the couch.

My cat quickly nestled himself into the fold of my lap while my dog salivated for her piece of the red goodness. I had bought the bag a couple of days prior so they were the perfect chewy consistency. I quickly gnawed my way through the first vine and was moving on to my first rope. There are no grips on the ropes so your teeth tend to slide a bit. Getting the right gripe with your canine teeth is the key. The front teeth, like a mouse, don't work half as well as those meat ripping pointers. I carefully placed the rope between my vampire fangs and began to saw back and forth. I could tell that this particular piece was going to be persistent. I put more force into the bite and sawing....only to slip.


Oh my goodness, what in world was that? I slid my tongue over my teeth.There was a gritty feeling.  Is that....? As I slowly began to stick out my tongue, my fingers touched a white sliver of something. You have GOT to be kidding that my tooth? Oh yes, in my hand was a layer of my ever precious, licorice gnawing tooth.

I quickly ran to the bathroom to see the damage. The very tip of my ivory tusk was rough and jagged. Thankfully it was just the tip and not a huge chunk. Sitting next to my grade school chipped tooth was now a partner in crime.

Who would have thought that you could chip your own tooth by chewing/gnawing licorice? This was not the way that I planned on celebrating the end of report cards.

Thankfully the dentist was able to polish it down and add a little caps or reconstruction for me. I will have to be a little more careful with my licorice addiction in the future.


  1. Oh my, who knew that could happen? Just when you think life is good and you have time to savor it in peace and quiet, it bites you (so to speak). I am so glad it did not have to involve serious dental work. Great story!

  2. Elizabeth, you tell such a good story. I just knew as the details flowed that these two hours were not going to end well. I have a friend who loves the red licorice; I will warn her! So glad it was no more serious, and sorry for you missing the peace and quiet. I love that 'chewing' description though.

  3. Oh NO -- YIKES! I, too, LOVE Red Vines. :)

    As Linda said, you do know how to tell a good story.

    Happy writing,

  4. Where do you get the words to tell your story with such vividness? Sorry for what happened. Don't hold it against the licorice.

  5. They are right--you tell a terrific story. I loved how you "vined" your way to the end. Sorry about the tooth and the trip to the dentist--but it sure made for a great slice!

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh boy. Just when you thought you had the perfect moment to yourself with your delicious licorice . . . It never fails! Thanks for sharing such a great story!

  7. Sometimes pleasures come at a cost! Don't you just hate it! You just settle your brain for a long Red Vine snack...when in your mouth there arose such a crack...okay, you get the picture. I'll stop now!

  8. A well told cautionary tale. Noted!

  9. Geez, the whole thing doesn't seem very fair! I loved the line about your licorice gnawing tooth. I love tooth/teeth stories. :) I once chipped a veneer gnawing on a fingernail.

  10. Seems your dentist did a good job. Hope you are fine now. What is very special about your blog is your writing style. You have described everything in a very detailed way.
    Keep sharing...
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  11. Yikes! Had no idea licorice could fight back that way. Great story!