Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that my dog had turned to stone. It was as if Medusa had worked her charm. I quickly made sure that she was breathing and then became curious. I had to find out what had caught her attention. My eyes scanned the yard like a word search puzzle. Birds? Squirrels? Bunnies?

Oh no, her hairs are beginning to raise and her legs are stretching like a sprinter. I began to run towards the screen door...the hairs on my arms raising as well.

                  NO             SASHA!               STOP!

A creamsicle of fur blurred past my vision as my Husky bounded off the deck. I followed, in what felt like slow motion as the events unfolded before my eyes.

The mound of fluff flew down the hill as my dog quickly closed the gap. The grace of the chase caught me by surprise. Please don't let this end terribly.

Sasha's eyes got big as she launched off the rock wall at the bottom of our hill. Did she forget that it as there? (We've only been home for 3 days after being away for a year.)

When her feet touched the ground, a loud howl came from her toes and traveled out her mouth. My heart exploded as I landed by her side. This could not be happening. I closed my eyes to hold in my panic...when I opened them, the creamsicle was melting out of my view.

Update: My pup did not end up breaking her leg like I feared, but did rupture the ligament in her knee. She's preparing for surgery and an 8 week recouping period.


  1. Your writing was engaging to read. I felt the slow anticipation and then the fast action. I am sorry that your dog got hurt in the end.

  2. I agree with Terje. Fantastic leads with smooth transitions from fast to slow-mo. I could see this happening right before my eyes! Hope Sasha recovers quickly!

  3. This was so fun to read - my dog's name is Sasha too! Welcome to Washington - I live in Bellingham (other blog is One Sunflower). I'm relishing these last few weeks too!

  4. You took me back to times my pets have been in danger and there was nothing I could do. Great story telling. Poor Sasha. Time will heal.

  5. You have a wonderful way of making your reader THINK and WONDER! I'm never really sure where you're going with a piece, which makes the reading so interesting. Poor pup! I hope you update us and let us know that she's ok.

  6. It's always so much fun to read your posts, Elizabeth. You bring us to the brink of curiosity, then finally we are relieved at some outcome. I'm sorry for your dog's injury, but I had in mind that there was some poor soul with a creamsicle she was going to attack for it. Great writing, & best wishes for Sasha.

  7. You are such a great storyteller! I know I've said that before but it bears repeating. Poor Sasha and you, eight weeks of recovery! BTW, I thought you might be in the moving process when you weren't slicing last week. Welcome back!

  8. Wow! I held my breath until the very end! Very fun writing to read!!!

  9. Great thoughtshot! Loved the way you slowed down time. Sasha is a beauty. :)